Campeggio lo Stambecco ** Cogne, Valnontey – Gran Paradiso – Valle d'Aosta

Campsite Rates

Rates of the campsite Lo Stambecco, in Valnontey – Cogne

view of Valnontey from Cogne

Opening: from May 20 to September 13

The values ​​refer to the cost per person per day.

Adult 7 euro
Child (up to 6 years) 5 euro
Caravan 5 euro
Camper 7 euro
Car 3 euro
Tent 5 euro
Electricity 2 euro
Bicycle 2 euro
Hot Water included in service

The camp has 3 caravan available to rent.

Up to 3 guests for each caravan 40 euro
More than 3 guests for each caravan 50 euro

For information on availability, click on the section> Contact

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