Campeggio lo Stambecco ** Cogne, Valnontey – Gran Paradiso – Valle d'Aosta

Cogne and Gran Paradiso

video ufficiale PArco Nazionale del Gran ParadisoWant to learn more about the Park? Video on the official website of tourism in the region of Valle d’Aosta


In the heart of the Gran Paradiso National Park

The Gran Paradiso National Park covers an area of 70,000 hectares, in a high mountainous area, between the 800 m at the bottom of the valley and the 4,061 m of mount Gran Paradiso.
In Valle d’Aosta, the park has three visitor centres, in the villages of Cogne, Valsavarenche and Rhêmes-Notre-Dame.

In the visitor centres you can learn about various aspects of nature within the protected area with the help of teaching aids.

In Cogne, we recommend a visit to the Paradisia Alpine botanical garden.  Especially in July, when many of its more than 1,000 species of plants are in full bloom, it’s really worth a visit.

The rich fauna in the park includes many Alpine species. It is almost impossible to go on a hike without catching a glimpse of the animals, sometimes verclose up.
The steinbock, the park’s symbol is quite self-assured and you can often meet one grazing; the males (with long, curved horns) live in small groups, while the females (shorter horns)remain with the young.

The chamois is also common, but rather more retiring and difficult to observe.
Another protagonist of the park is the marmot, a pleasant rodent which digs long tunnels to escape from danger and prepare for its winter hibernation.
Among the birdlife, there are several predators, like the golden eagle, visible as it flies over its hunting territory, and many small passerines.



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